Stone Soup 0.6.0

That last post was way too negative, and since I have a two-day hiatus coming up and won’t be updating this site, I would rather leave something at the top of the page that’s a little more fun. This is the newest version of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup, which recently got bumped to version 0.6.0:

That’s via telnet, on a 120Mhz Pentium machine running Crux. As you might be able see in the lower corner, the memory and processor load are negligible, probably because the bulk of the responsibility is shifted off this machine and out into the ether. I have installed crawl directly on to this computer, but the work involved seems a bit overkill when I can just use telnet to jump into a game remotely.

And I know some other people have used Internet Explorer to telnet into the game and play, or so they told me. I have tried that in Firefox in Linux and come up empty-handed. 😦

It’s worth reading the changes between version 0.5.2 and this one, since there are new gods and monsters, the attribute system has changed slightly, and an entire spell school is gone. If you’re used to playing with one particular set of spells or rules, things might be different now. Take a look at the wiki while you’re at it.

It’s also worth noting that the developers attribute the new release to a recent upsurge in interest in the game, and the number of people willing to contribute. Which is how the system should work, really. 😉


P.S.: There is a tiled version too, if you can’t stomach the thought of playing a game at the console. … 🙂


3 thoughts on “Stone Soup 0.6.0

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  2. zoev9

    A Stone Soup fan? I think it’s great too, but it seems that you have betrayed the cult of Nethack! Sacrilige!
    Stone Soup is more of hack’n-slash while nethack is more of a puzzle game with hack elements. They’re both wonderfuly beautiful (in tty of course) and get plenty of play time on my EEE 701.

  3. Napkin

    Hi there! Happy to read you are enjoying Stone Soup once in a while 🙂

    Just wanted to let you know that we had to remove the ajaxterm to connect to and play on the servers inside a browser window because it was just too unreliable. Ajaxterm didn’t properly time out connections leaving a huge amount of interrupted games behind and due to connection limits it wasn’t allowing everyone to play either. So.. not your fault it didn’t work!

    Awesome to see how you put that 120Mhz box to good use 🙂



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