Something fun, for a change

I’ve been far too serious in recent days, and so for a nice change, here’s a screenshot for you.

If the seconds in the screenshot look a little corrupted, it’s not a jpg artifact. The numbers are melting between seconds, as the display changes. This is xdaliclock, which a reader mentioned in an e-mail a while back and I am finally getting around to. 😳 🙄

If I read the PKGBUILD correctly, this comes from the stable of Jamie Zawinsky, whom you probably owe a lot of thanks to, after looking over this “resume.” xdaliclock is just one of many many interesting things listed there.

For the clock however, it’s fun to see so many machines from so far back, running it at once. Openbox users should see the potential in this at once — set up the configuration files to spawn this at start, paste it to the bottom layer and run undecorated. Instant desktop flair. 😀

As opposed to something like conky, this animates continually and is fun to watch too. Ubuntu has a package for it; Arch users can compile out of AUR. Resourcewise it is barely noticeable, and I imagine you can run this on anything that will run X. Otherwise, may I suggest … ? 😀


7 thoughts on “Something fun, for a change

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  2. Peter

    ..and it is probably worth mentioning that it has an option to run in the root window that when combined with the colour-cycling option provides a constantly changing psychedelic background.

  3. mulenmar

    Okay K. Mandla, the resemblance to Windows XP is giving me horrible flashbacks. 😛 (Joking)


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