Random page links for WordPress.com

One quick note today, and not necessarily aimed at Linux users: You may have noticed a small link on the right that says “Surprise me!” If you click on that you get taken to a random page on this blog, which is either interesting or not.

I had been looking for a way to do this but didn’t find any guidance on it in WordPress.com’s help pages (I will confess to not looking very hard though 🙄 ). I spotted a random page link on another, “professional”-grade site (in other words, one that has ads and gets to seriously customize the layout) and it’s nothing incredibly fancy.


Throw that into the link box, or in the href field in your <a> anchor tag. Make sure you change the first part of the URL though, or you’ll get sent back to my site. Which would be either interesting or not. 😉


4 thoughts on “Random page links for WordPress.com

  1. Vincent "Nootilus" Corlaix

    As it works on your own weblog which is hosted on WordPress servers, this doesn’t work on mine which is hosted in another server provider.

    Another clue; this function might be related to the WordPress engine version. Mine is stuck at 2.8.6 because of an old DB version (my PHP server is still at v4 and not v5, therefore I can’t update WP anymore)

    Don’t know if that might of any help. Anyway, thanks for the trick, that will comes handy some days 😉 Thanks to share.

    1. K.Mandla Post author

      Yes, I am afraid that beyond the WordPress.com site, my experience with WordPress per se is exceptionally slim. I think there is a forum for WordPress support around here somewhere. …

  2. Anne-Marie

    i also run wordpress on my own hosting ,but to tell you ther truth i haven’t ever think of surprising my visitors with providing them option to be surprised by another site.However i like it on mozilla-Boredom Button 1.0 ad-on


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