Just right for me

A short note, only to mention that I’ve added the X60s to my hardware page, which is pretty much a papal blessing as to whether or not a machine gets to stay here for longer than a week or two at a time.

I am quite impressed, if I must tell the truth. The machine is within a hair’s breadth of exactly what I was looking for in terms of power, portability, Linux compatibility, price and aesthetics, with the need for an external optical drive being the only “soft” point. I am willing to forego that to recoup some of the other issues though.

It might be a little early for me to recommend this machine over others, and since this only the third or fourth Thinkpad I have owned (not including the very, very early one which has been more a disappointment than anything), it might be out of line for me to do so. But I can tell you I went looking for a Thinkpad and picked out one based on its power and price, and got darn-near exactly the machine I had imagined.

Beyond that, I don’t know what other praise I can give it. It’s just right for me. You never know, it might be for you too.

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One thought on “Just right for me

  1. anonymous coward

    Encouraged by a recent happy badblocks user ;) let me share another finding.

    This time it’s about a wrapper for the ‘screen’ command. It seems like it was called ‘screen profiles’ according to tuxradar podcast season 1, episode 8 but nowadays redirects to


    which seems about right as well.

    Happy screening and with that back to topic. ;)


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