Good news or bad news? Still no X

Against my better judgement, I am still poking around with the 560e, but with not much more to report than a few botched attempts to install Puppy Linux, alongside a few botched attempts to boot Puppy Linux.

I can’t account for why Puppy wouldn’t boot at 166Mhz, and I’m fairly sure it wasn’t the size of the initrd this time. But after a blinking cursor that simply pulsed at me for about five minutes, I decided there wasn’t anything else to be learned.

I certainly don’t hold it against Puppy though — now that is a fine piece of ultralight software. In it’s vanilla form (which is anything but vanilla) it can run at a decent pace on machines as slow as 550Mhz or slower, and requires less than 256Mb to run completely from memory. It looks good, it sets itself up well, and it’s a healthy mix of speed and function.

Between Puppy Linux and Slitaz your low-end hardware needs — provided they can struggle to a graphical desktop — are probably covered. I know there are other options out there, but if you have only two blank CDs and don’t want to waste a lot of bandwidth on distros with vague aspirations and little to show for them, those are the two I’d suggest.

In the mean time I’m going to inspect a couple other low-end distributions, and see if they have any luck getting started, and then see if they have any luck bringing up a graphical environment. I know that even if X rears its ugly head at 166Mhz it will be a disappointment, but I have to keep chasing this one for some reason. Don’t ask me why. 🙄

3 thoughts on “Good news or bad news? Still no X

  1. ovIm

    If you really want a minimalistic distro for low-end hardware, try out damn small linux. I got the best results on my Satellite 4060xcdt with this distribution (its the only distro that started X with the correct resolution of 1024×768 instead of just 800×600)

  2. Dan

    I have puppy running on a old Toshiba satellite 300CDS with a 166MHz pentium mmx.
    I find that neither of the newer puppy 4.31 kernels ( or work – only the retro puppy 4.31 with the kernel.
    I don’t think it is so much the kernel version as the ide drivers compiled into the kernel (the 2.6.17 kernel has the old ide drivers while the two more recent use pata).


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