Another console download manager

I mentioned a script yesterday, so I’ll mention another one today — another sort of “download manager” for the console. This isn’t nearly as feature-ful as fttps, but since it approaches the issue in a concise and straightforward way, I thought it worth bringing to attention. claims to be an offshoot of a bash script called, but I haven’t had much luck in tracking that down, unless this is what it means. It works in much the same way as I originally envisioned when I thought I was coming up with an original idea, and probably if I had enough skill to put together a program (which I don’t) it would look and behave in the same way as

I’ll let you dig around and see how it works; if it were me I would plant this in a directory somewhere, set up cron to execute it once an hour or so, and keep the list of programs to download somewhere in your home directory. I adjusted it slightly for my system, so that it keeps a “session” directory where the logs and settings are stored, and a “watch” directory where I can manage the list of files to download. I wanted the style to mimic rtorrent, if you must know. I also added an -nv flag to the actual download command, because I foresaw the log file getting rather big.

If I must be terrifically honest, I think blice’s fttps is still a step above this even if it never fully matured. Even in its unfulfilled state fttps has a few more controls and features than (and, if we can count that one) and while it is worthy of some refinements, I’ll probably stick with it on my machines. The perl script is worth investigating though, if you are curious and capable of tuning it. 😉


4 thoughts on “Another console download manager

  1. Josh Miller

    I had a plan for a while to create a Twitter Bot that would take Direct Messages and turn them into downloads. The way you describe this, it might be something I could use for that.

    Am I correct when it sounds like it’ll pick up files to download from a text file in the home directory?

  2. Jose Catre-Vandis

    You must know about #aria2#. This will handle http / ftp and torrents, and can also be configured to use a text file. Needs to be restarted to “pick up” new entries though, but cron could do that. can also be configured for password protected download sites

    1. quigybo

      I actually just found out about aria2 today, it is amazing – things come down so much quicker on a fast or slow connection. I am even using it for day to day stuff as a wget replacement now. Highly recommended.

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