Module configuration script

I only have a minute or two today, so I’ll just mention that I found this perl script that supposedly presets the used modules in a kernel configuration, which I hope will be useful in arranging custom kernels between Debian and Crux.

I still have it in my mind that I want to convert this entire system to a Crux analogue, mostly because my settings and configurations are sometimes intended for still-fresher versions than what Debian testing offers. Part of that would include getting a kernel adjusted to this machine, and considering that Debian has had better luck than I with regard to some things (like the framebuffer), I am willing to take a cue.

A script that scans through the modules you have on board, then tweaks a configuration file for you, would be useful. I think that’s what this does, although as always, I might misunderstand. I promise a report, either way.


2 thoughts on “Module configuration script

  1. metalop1g

    I was advised to take a look at your website when I questionned people about very light OS to run on p3@866mhz and celeron@2ghz.

    I quite like what I’ve read so far, and I admit I’m quite happy to see that this is an up to date blog with submissions made quite often! I hope I can learn much more, as I was only an IT student.


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