Another Ubuntu success story

For good or for bad, another family member has jumped into Ubuntu with both feet, and with any luck it might stick.

This time it’s the owner of the previously mentioned dv7, who had done a test-run of Ubuntu in the 8.10 flavor a little less than a year ago, but didn’t stay with it. Wireless issues were the stumbling block that time.

But like all good Vista fairy tales, Microsoft’s product finally became so much of an obstruction that learning Ubuntu was more appealing than continuing to use Vista. This time wireless didn’t get in the way, and I’m getting gleeful e-mails that things suddenly work again — things I take for granted sometimes, like watching DVDs and so forth. πŸ™„

Now comes the dangerous part though: Navigating through things like DVD ripping, or iTunes, or playing favorite games. I can coach a little, but I wouldn’t buy an iPod to save my life, and this person happens to be one of those people who buys Apple products consistently. There may be some lessons yet to learn. … 😐


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