Scheduled downtime

It’s been about two and a half years since I moved to Japan, which means it’s about time for me to make a return trip to my own country, visit a relative or two, and perhaps enjoy a few places in between. The agenda includes a few spots around the globe, but being the secretive person that I am, I won’t give up any more information than that. 😉

But more importantly, that’s the reason I probably won’t be posting to this site over the next few weeks. Please don’t take that as some sort of sign that I have abandoned my quest to run Compiz on a Pentium 😆 , but instead that I am taking a short hiatus. I don’t find blogging to be particularly taxing (quite to the contrary: It’s rather effortless, because it’s rather pointless) but with transportation, schedules and other issues to worry about, I am omitting that one extra activity, whenever necessary.

The good news is that the Pentium is coming with me. Yes, it might not have a battery, and it might not be practical for anything but taking notes, and it might weigh a freaking metric ton … but I figured: Why not? It has survived this long, it deserves to go on vacation for once. Goodness knows it probably spent most of its days either at work or on a shelf, and I come from one of those cultures where inanimate objects can, under certain circumstances, be described as possessing a sense of disappointment at their lot in life.

All that is beside the point. When practical, I’ll jot a note and post a snapshot. “Postcards from the Pentium,” will be the coffee table book. 😉

So until later this month. … Cheers, and be kind to one another. :mrgreen:

— K.Mandla


10 thoughts on “Scheduled downtime

  1. truzicic

    Damn vacation, what will I read now?! Hehehe, just kidding,
    enjoy your trip 🙂 Looking forward to new posts…

  2. kamiheku

    Enjoy your well earned vacation! And also, thanks for the great blog, it’s the only one I actually care to follow 🙂


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