What’re you looking at?

Judging by the outgoing clicks, it’s that screenshot from a few days ago, the one on the right with MyMan running in bitmapped mode while a DivX rip of “Throne of Blood” plays in the corner.

Yes, that is a framebuffer-only system running on Crux, and yes, that is a 550Mhz Celeron doing all the dirty work, on a meager 192Mb and a Silicon Motion Lynx video card.

There is a slight shear in the image where the framebuffer image grabber cause the redraw to skip, but otherwise, it’s a fun screenshot. Don’t feel guilty if you want to click on it.

To be honest though, and as you can see, the processor is pegged all the way to the right on the stress-o-meter. It may only take up 23Mb of memory to run a movie, and a torrent client, and a system monitor and an oversized Pac-Man clone, and a file manager and an analog clock, but I’d be lying if I said it was moving very quickly.

But I’d also be lying if I said it wasn’t fun to push this little Celeron to a practical maximum. A low-end Pentium 3, a system tuned for performance and suddenly a three-way split screen with a movie and a video game running at the same time is possible on a machine that was otherwise ineffectual within a year or two of its release.

This is why Linux is a great thing. Microsoft execs must be snapping pencils in fury right now.


3 thoughts on “What’re you looking at?

  1. Sertse

    But surely you really can’t play pac man like that? 😛

    I continue to be amazed how far you can push low end systems.


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