A Crux port for Musca, and a correction

I have (yet another) correction to report. A few days ago I offered a port for e3 but refused to share my port for Musca, because I regularly recompile Musca to adjust the commands and settings.

Fact is though, after a brief skim through a few wiki pages (not least of which the Arch wiki — still the best resource around for information on anything), I realize that I was wrong — there is a configuration file, at .musca_startup, and it’s much easier to use that than to recompile the thing over and over again.

Of course. 🙄

So in the way of an apology, here is the exceedingly brief configuration file I use, which adjusts the keystroke to spawn the terminal and the dmenu command to use the Terminus font.

bind on Mod4+t exec urxvtc
bind on Mod4+Control+Shift+Return exec sudo /sbin/halt
set dmenu dmenu -i -b -fa 'terminus-10'

The middle binding is a little something I add for my own amusement: a keystroke to bring everything to a halt. It’s just quicker than closing out whatever programs I’m running, closing Musca, waiting for X to halt, then typing in the command to shutdown. Call me lazy.

And since I failed to provide at the last opportunity …

# Description:	A simple dynamic window manager for X.
# URL:		http://aerosuidae.net/musca
# Maintainer:
# Depends on:	xorg


build() {
	cd $name-$version
	install -Dm755 musca $PKG/usr/bin/$name
	install -Dm644 musca.1 $PKG/usr/share/man/man1/musca.1

Of course, the important parts were stolen from the AUR version. Call me lazy. Again. 😐


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