A Crux port for e3, and some ideas

Crux users are few, and the number of Crux users relying on featherlight software to keep Pentium machines alive is even fewer. There might be one or two out there now or in the future though, so here’s a port and a couple of suggestions for you.

Here’s e3, which I mentioned takes up a massive 2.5Kb while running.

# Description:	An ultralight text editor with multiple keybindings.
# URL:		http://mitglied.lycos.de/albkleine/
# Maintainer:
# Depends on:	


build() {
	cd $name-$version
	make DESTDIR=$PKG/usr/bin/
 	mkdir -p $PKG/usr/bin/

	install e3	$PKG/usr/bin
	install e3em	$PKG/usr/bin
	install e3ne	$PKG/usr/bin
	install e3pi	$PKG/usr/bin
	install e3vi	$PKG/usr/bin
	install e3ws	$PKG/usr/bin

That’s not a very elegant way to do the actual “installing,” but it was the easiest for me to follow, mentally. Please remember you’re working with a programming clod here. 😳

For mingetty, I brazenly stole from jaeger’s ports collection, and if you want to use mingetty I recommend you do the same.

I have a tendency to rip off the ports other people compose — partly because I like to customize them slightly, but also because I don’t like syncing an entire collection of ports just to use one small piece of software. And while mingetty isn’t that great an improvement over agetty, it’s worth keeping around.

I also have a port for Musca, but I’m not going to share it. The problem is that for Musca, I have a tendency to manually build and install it, rather than rely on a port. Musca’s keybindings and configuration are done at the source code level, which means if you want to change a keystroke, or the command for dmenu, or even just the colors of the selection box, you end up editing the source code anyway.

There is a note to this effect on the Crux wiki, and a possible workaround for editing source code before compiling it. I don’t know if it’s worth the extra effort of learning to work with pkgmk-resume, if all you want to do is change the color box in Musca though. 🙄


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