A few on-site changes

I’ve made a few small changes on the blog here, not that any of it is really worth mentioning, except that it might incur other, future changes.

First, foremost and probably saddest, is that I finally dropped Kazehakase off my list of software I endorse. “Endorse” is probably a strong word; “suggest” is probably better.

The rumors were true and whatever progress there was with Kazehakase seems to have tapered off a while ago. The last update was around May of last year, and I couldn’t find a way to see if there was any activity on the mailing lists; the links all appeared dead.

It’s a shame: Kazehakase was one of my favorite lightweight browsers. It did a lot of things Firefox couldn’t do — or at least, couldn’t do without the help of an extension — and had its own unique style. But at the same time, it was fairly easy to learn, quick to configure and had enough options to make it quite flexible.

You can still use it, of course — that’s the great part of open-source software, it’s out there and will be for a long time. And it’s not the only option: NetSurf is fantastic for lightweight machines. There’s Midori, which is WebKit-based and quite good. Dillo2 is an utterly amazing piece of work. uzbl is guaranteed to astound. There are others.

So I don’t cry over Kazehakase. I see it as a chance to look for something new.

The other changes are not so dramatic — I trimmed a few (actually, a lot) of the blogs off the side of this site. Quite a few had gone stale … something which had not gone unnoticed.

Originally I kept those links as a convenience to myself, but over time I find I pick-and-read at random a lot less. In the future I’ll probably allow that list to thin itself out, and stop adding them over time. And to be honest, if you just want to jump from site to site for Linux news and information, there are better sources than my humble home page.

But the offer I’ve made repeatedly in the past still stands: If you think you would like your site listed there I’m more than willing. If it goes stale or deviates too far from “Linux” as its core topic, then I might have to trim it away.

But by all means, let me know. Cheers.


12 thoughts on “A few on-site changes

  1. mulenmar

    Tried NetSurf a long time ago, couldn’t do ANYTHING with it, deleted all memory of specifics. 😦

    Midori is nice — I’d suggest looking into Arora. It does have dependencies on QT, but NOT KDE. Very responsive. And, is it just me, or is QT’s version of Webkit a little more stable…hmm. Will test that further.

    1. Sertae

      I found qtwebkit to be more stable, yet gtk webkit to be faster. I use midori as my main browser though, while arora when I tried was always kinda “meh”.

  2. Bryan

    So I’ve just found a new browser called surf when looking at customizing dwm. It’s from suckless, so it’s rather minimal (and rather like uzbl). Check it out: surf.suckless.org

  3. CorkyAgain

    surf is kinda like the minimal version of uzbl — if that’s possible.

    Both are based on webkit, however, and that isn’t exactly lightweight.

    1. Bryan

      ^That I can agree with. Having used surf for a few days now, I find the only thing that I really miss is uzbl_tabbed.py – but since it supports xembed, I believe I can wrap it in a gtk window with a notebook widget. Haven’t tried yet though.

    1. K.Mandla Post author

      No, don’t be sorry at all. I’d rather be wrong on this one. I am a little embarrassed that I didn’t find those updates myself though. … 😳


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