Quake Live at 1Ghz, 256Mb

I had been waiting for Tuesday, just out of morbid curiosity. But my bizarre desire to be disappointed will go unfulfilled this time. Here’s Quake Live on the Inspiron, running with half the memory I usually have after one chip went schizo.

That’s Crux, by the way. I expected laggy performance and skipping graphics. But framerates are exceptionally good, although I didn’t find a way to show a number on screen. I’m not a huge first-person shooter fan, but it’s fun to try out.


7 thoughts on “Quake Live at 1Ghz, 256Mb

  1. giannis

    No, it doesn’t run on flash. the interface for player settings is flash. The actual game runs just as like any other game, just the launcher is a browser plugin.

  2. scott

    very cool, i have been playing saubertraden or whatever and quakelive was pretty cool on windows, so ill have to try this now that im linux.

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