Oh great, another addiction

Wouldn’t you know it: After putting down Warzone 2100, after tearing myself away from Neverwinter Nights, after silently rejoicing that the Sierra FTP server went offline, after weaning myself off Dwarf Fortress, and after prying my bloody fingertips away from Freecell, I try out this lovely little gem.

And wouldn’t you know it, now I have another addiction — Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe. Simulators and city simulations are never very big with me, but I enjoy this one for it’s toss-up feel between Roller Coaster Tycoon, something I played a long time ago, and Railroad Tycoon II, which was an excellent exercise in thematic immersion (and quite possibly, one of the best games ever made).

No guarantees this will be the one that sends you to gamers anonymous, but it’s got the potential in all the ways I like — emphasis on detail over action, flexibility over plot and replayability over rewards and achievements. This is another game, like Dwarf Fortress, which gives a completely different experience by changing one small fundamental variable. The Arch rendition installs in a matter of seconds too.

Honestly speaking, the premise is very simple — make money in the transportation business — but the interface is easy to learn, the game itself is a snap to get started, and the online support is top-notch. I recommend it, but only if you can spare the time you’ll spend glued to the map, adjusting transport routes and counting the money you make. You have been warned. 😈


4 thoughts on “Oh great, another addiction

  1. colonelcrayon

    I love Roller Coaster Tycoon (the original version) too. It’s the only reason I keep WINE around…

    You might want to try atc. It’s an aircraft control game distributed as part of the bsd-games package. The amount of time you can waste with this is astounding.

  2. Shae

    I have played OpenTTD some, but I think that it gets a little old after a few games against the computer. I am honestly not good enough to play against another person yet so I have to play it in small doses. It does satisfy my desire to play a Railroad Tycoon II-like game, though.

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