Happy third anniversary

Now that I think about it, I’m not sure if it’s an anniversary or a birthday. Whatever you call it, August 2009 marks the end of a third year for this blog, and another month closer to a fourth anniversary for me with Linux.

I don’t have any wisdom to impart or advice to offer — or at least, none that you probably aren’t already aware of, if you’re reading this page at all. If you’re not currently using Linux or some variation thereof, I strongly recommend it. Switching is a life-altering experience. No joke.

And that goes for starting a blog too — the part about not having any wisdom to impart, that is. 😉 I only did this because I wanted someplace to take notes for future reference, and it became something gnarled and monstrous. Like a B-grade science fiction movie.

Anyway, this has all been mentioned before, and suffixed with the same thing I say every year. If you visit, I thank you, and if you find something useful, I am pleased. Starting this blog for my own benefit was the obvious thing to do at the time; if that same action has been of benefit to someone else as well … that’s a great bonus.



11 thoughts on “Happy third anniversary

  1. stephen

    I came across your blog looking for some rtorrent rc help, and have been putting rss to work ever since (wow, it’s at least been 6 months, possibly a year now).

    thanks for taking the time to jot your ideas down in a place for us all to see and use.

  2. Dennis Decker Jensen

    I came acroos your website some while ago, I cannot even remember from where, but I’m a big fan of the command line and the tools philosophy of Unix, so now I peek at your blog once a day for new small nuggets.

    Thank you very much for sharing all the tips, hints, oddities, and reminders that are now not only serving you, but so many others.

  3. CorkyAgain

    Congratulations on beginning the fourth year of your blog!

    Like Dennis, I’m a big fan of the command line and the Unix tools philosophy. I’m also a fan of finding uses for old machines that otherwise would be going on the scrap heap. That’s why I subscribe to your blog’s RSS feed.

    But I use FreeBSD rather than Linux. And vifm rather than mc. 😉

  4. Vanity Vertigo

    Congratulations for surviving three years of linux blogging and documenting it all the while. I’ve been reading it for about a year and a half after I stumbled onto your site many times while looking for solutions for my linux woes. Since then I’ve eaten up every application suggestion and now I take most of those for granted. I look forward to another year of your blog. ^_^

  5. bandito

    Congratulations and to many years to come.

    Your blog is simply superb and being open source/linux related is only a plus.
    I believe I came across your blog about a year ago when I was doing some research on arch linux before the switch. Ever since I follow it on a daily basis. I find it a resourcefull place about linux configuration/customization, however the posts I enjoy most are about lightweight applications.

  6. mrreality13

    congratulations !!keep it going i always pick up something useful here
    Thank you for your hard work

  7. samspade10

    Your blog has helped me many times, with rtorrent, MOCP and other console apps. Thank you, congratulations and please keep going.

  8. Devoto

    Happy birthday yaaay!
    Ya que pasaba por acá, felicidades por su tercer año,
    viendo su blog me ha gustado, lo tendré en favoritos por si acaso.



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