moc and the graphic equalizer patch

I’ve been toying with a patch for moc that supposedly — and I have to say supposedly — adds a graphic equalizer to mocp. It’s not exactly anything critical, but I was poking around the guts of the Internet a few days ago, and realized there was nothing like an equalizer at the console.

alsamixer is not an equalizer, for my money. And aside from application-dependent equalizers that run against X, or a half-decade-old GTK1.2 equalizer, I seem to have found another hole in the software landscape.

Which is why I was moderately enthused at finding that page. But I haven’t actually seen screenshots of it, and I haven’t gotten the patch to properly splice with the source code yet. So I might be chasing after a months-old page with no hope of success.

On the other hand, if I keep poking around at these things, I might come up with something useful.

7 thoughts on “moc and the graphic equalizer patch

  1. ethnopunk

    Instructions on how to go about applying this patch. Is it available in the repository for Ubuntu 8.04? Not everybody wants to have to compile moc if its already a package.

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  3. posix

    use the latest version from SVN, equalizer support is already included by developers (btw you can download presets from their website).


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