Firefox 3.5 and dbus-glib

Since I’m on the subject, I should mention that I prefer to use the precompiled binary for Linux over installing Firefox directly in either Crux or Arch. I don’t have any great insight as to why that’s preferable, except to say that I can still run a Crux system without hal and dbus, if I rely on a precompiled Firefox. (Running X in Crux does not require that I install those two.)

Or at least I could, until Firefox 3.5, which won’t run until dbus-glib is in place. The binary file was complaining that it couldn’t find a specific library, and I managed to track it back to dbus-glib. And of course, with that in place, all was fine.

Not as independent as I liked, but it works. I can’t say for sure that 3.5 is any better than 3.0.x for me, but I see no harm in keeping the browser up to date. 😀


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