Dumping a screensaver to a text file

I am only days away from completing a rather large real-life project, and finally getting back some of the free time I have lost over the past few months. July is looking much more promising than June, and I already have a stack of things I need to make notes on, as well as an old-new desktop system that will need a rehaul.

In the mean time, I accidentally found a rather goofy stunt you can pull at the terminal. I was trying to get some information about cacaplas, one of the “screensavers” I mentioned for the terminal that comes with the caca libraries. I fat-fingered this line by mistake.

cacaplas > output.txt

I realized my mistake almost immediately afterward, but then started to wonder what was in the file. Leafpad showed it as a huge mess of escape codes, which makes sense, but the fun part was using cat to display the contents.

And of course, you get a sort of “recording” of what cacaplas spat out, for the few seconds it runs. (By the way, I wouldn’t let that run too long; the file gets very big, very fast. …)

Like I said, it’s just a quirky trick: not exceptionally functional, and not exceptionally interesting. Still, it’s vaguely cool. šŸ˜‰


2 thoughts on “Dumping a screensaver to a text file

  1. mulenmar

    Maybe scripts could be used to output the screensaver to the file, and then use lzma to compress the text file. Later, you could call another script to uncompress the file and display, perhaps even in a loop?

    Hmm. I’m going to have to learn some scripting and try that! šŸ˜€


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