No news is not news

Arch LinuxReal-life commitments continue to monopolize my free time, so I’ll apologize once again for failing to offer any tangible updates in my Linux adventures. What little time I have left over is usually dedicated to household chores; yes, it is that bad.

But the end is in sight, and I promise in a month’s time a much more impressive array of thoughts, ideas, suggestions, tips, tricks, explanations, pontifications and blather.

In the mean time, I can tell you I’ve been toying with my old Windows 2000-knockoff, for no real reason other than it takes little effort or time to tweak and adjust.

That’s IceWM running on Arch; all of my configurations and adjustments are the same as they were in my earlier post. The only real headway I’ve made in this version is the discovery that by omitting any and all smoothed fonts — in other words, installing only the 100dpi ugly-as-heck fonts, plus the Tahoma font — there seems to be a more consistent use of the 8-point unantialiased Tahoma across GTK2.0 applications. (And it makes Firefox render faster. :mrgreen: )

That probably makes no sense at all. Suffice to say I was relying on a lot of GTK1.2 stuff in my earlier renditions, to keep the same “look” between applications and menus. Occasionally an application grabbed the wrong font, and displayed something smoothed. Giving no option seems to force them to rely on Tahoma.

Which is what I wanted, really. I might, if I have the time ( 😆 ) see about desktop icons, since that’s really the only remaining superficiality that needs attention. Desktop icons are a bit of a bore for me; I rarely use them on a Windows machine anyway, and I’d just as soon omit them from a pretend Windows desktop. But I might try.

It’s about the only thing I have time for any more. 😯


7 thoughts on “No news is not news

  1. Mulenmar

    Nice job! 8~)

    When you go to try the icons, could you try idesk, fbdesk, rox, and pcmanfm to handle the icons, and see what uses the fewest resources? I’ve had some massively successful work with idesk to create a lightish-weight Vista clone, but I couldn’t really figure fbdesk out.

    Then again, I’m more of a right-click menuer, so I didn’t try very hard 8~S

    1. K.Mandla Post author

      I don’t know. I have seem some Windowsesque refits of KDE, but where to go for them is … outside my usual realm. 😉

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