You want this: Vertical split patch for screen

Wrap your eyeballs around this one, why dontcha.

Ay caramba. The vertical split patch for screen is now my favoritest thing ever! That’s one vertical split in screen, with a horizontal split on the right. Then the lower right area is further subdivided by dvtm, which means five applications are squished into one 800×600 area.

I understand it, the next version of screen will supposedly have integrated the patch, but in the mean time, it’s well worth the effort to compile it. Crux users need only add a patching line to the standard port; Archers can tinker with the PKGBUILD and come up with the same thing. Ubuntunuts have this as a guide, although I have only built it in Crux so far.

I wonder how many smaller windows I can reasonably create and manage before. … 😯

6 thoughts on “You want this: Vertical split patch for screen

    1. K.Mandla Post author

      Hmm. I don’t know if the Ubuntu screen has it or not. I have screen and some screen*-extra packages installed, but the help lists don’t show the V command, and it doesn’t seem to do anything when I ask for a vertical split. Maybe it’s in another package.

      (The only reason I patched it instead of using git is because both of the machines I wanted that for are particularly slow, and I didn’t want to wait for git to compile. 😉 )

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