Chasing noise floor calibration

It’s rather strange, but I’m starting to see “noise floor calibration” errors with my Corega wireless card on my Thinkpad. I was running rtorrent and seeding the Jaunty ISO, in an effort to overload my wireless router. And as a result, I seem to have overloaded my wireless card.

I’m not sure where exactly the “noise” is coming from. I had a mess of errors this morning — all resulting in a full network stop — and had to reboot once or twice to get back online. It’s possible I was picking up noise from elsewhere in the building, or perhaps the wireless card is too close to the radio while Revolution Void is playing at high volume.

Or wait, you mean that’s not the noise we’re talking about here? 😐

Right now it seems to be behaving, but it’s a full 12 hours later, most of the building is out enjoying a Saturday evening, the sun is down (I have enough experience with encrypted network transmissions to blame just about anything on sunspots) and the music is off. And that’s just the beginning of my list of “noise”-producing possibilities.

Anyway, it’s something else to add to the list of Not Very Important Things That I Should Probably Solve, But Probably Never Will. That darned list gets longer every day. … 🙄


9 thoughts on “Chasing noise floor calibration

  1. fullmetalgerbil

    So, just on a lark I looked up Revolution Void on and liking very much what I heard I got two of his albums. I am seriously impressed, and have found no ill wireless effects as of yet.
    However, I may not be listening to it as loud as you were :^)

  2. anjilslaire

    You’ve got me hooked on Revolution Void as well, having downloaded the last 2 albums. It’s something I can see myself listening to for a long time to come.
    Now I’ll need to scour Jamendo for some other tunes as well. Thanks for that 🙂

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  4. Ali Gunduz

    I was having similar problems with my atheros wifi card using the newly mainlined ath5k on 2.6.27. So much so that the noise calibration was starting to hog down the system after a few of days of uptime. However, with later releases the problem disappeared on the same hardware.

    So, the “noise” could be due a bug/regression of the utilized driver.

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