A lightweight diversion

Since we’re on the subject of console utilities, like tty-clock, it’s only fair to mention a diversion or two. I could delve into the ubiquitous NetHack, but that’s a rather complex item and not the least bit underdiscussed, being a game with a 22-year (?) history.

Here’s one you might not have heard of before: MyMan.


Ah, it’s like 1980 all over again. Sort of. 😐

I forget where I saw this first, or where it was mentioned, but it’s a very faithful clone … if you can call a text-based version of Pac-Man a “clone.” This is actually running under Openbox and Crux, mostly because the time to compile it is quite long for some reason. For me, a terminal window of 58×36 was exactly the right size. I haven’t tried it under dvtm yet.

Dependencywise it won’t require anything out of the ordinary. I see it supports sound, but I haven’t heard a peep out of it. I probably need to investigate a little further, for an answer to that. I’ll put it on my “action priority” list. 🙄

I couldn’t find this in a quick search of the Ubuntu package archives. Arch users have a AUR PKGBUILD available to them, but I compiled it without a Pkgfile in Crux and ran into no problems. I see the Arch version “requires” xterm, but I built it without that; I think you can declare the terminal you intend to use, and maybe get a few more graphic embellishments.

Yes, that’s what I need: More graphic embellishments for my console games. :mrgreen:


6 thoughts on “A lightweight diversion

  1. damaged justice

    Oh HELL yes.

    *was a finalist in a Pac-Man championship in junior high*

    BTW, thanks for the recommendation on calcurse, what a GREAT little program… any associated lightweight option for publishing the exported ICS file to a server? Looks like curl might do it but I can’t find a decent script and I’m less willing and able to write my own every year 🙂

  2. Blinky Bill

    Hmm! How’s this post particularly related to Arch, Crux, or Ubuntu?
    The tags are misleading!

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