A small achievement

It’s no world record, but I checked my rtorrent slave the other day, and the uptime is 41 days.

I know, I’ve seen the NetCraft (or whatever) pages with record-holder uptimes of five and six years (or whatever). I respect that, but I’m still a little proud of the beat-up laptop with the shattered screen that hasn’t been restarted since the end of January.

And since it’s been running rtorrent off and on for that entire time (occasionally I adjust the settings and have to restart it … that’s why I say “off and on”), plus fttps, and relaying a daily snapshot of the major Crux ports repositories, and serving as an in-house server and file transfer point … I consider that no small feat.

Especially for a machine that lived about five years of its life on top of a heap of garbage. :mrgreen:


2 thoughts on “A small achievement

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