A disturbance in the Force

After I downloaded an album from Jamendo this morning, I realized that my Awesome-based console system, which also doubles as the music machine for the house, lacks something appropriate for managing id3 tags in ogg files.

Ordinarily I rely on EasyTag, which is a great piece of software for renaming, clearing, arranging and polishing the tags in mp3 and ogg files. Jamendo has a habit of sometimes dumping unrelated strings into certain fields — putting the creative commons license into the “encoded by” field. 😕 I guess it could be the artist that does that though, so maybe Jamendo isn’t to blame.

Regardless, I make a habit of cleaning out the tags and adjusting the filenames when I download them, and realized I had no analogy for EasyTag at the console. I don’t see any kind of editing tools in MOC, but I don’t expect there to be either.

I’ll have to research this more in the future; I found a few options with a quick Scroogle search, but they all looked like backends. I want something … powerful, flexible, terse and efficient. Something … user-friendly. 😈


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