A zero-sum day

About a month after I wanted to try it, I finally broke out the K6-2 and installed Lowarch on it, with the goal of updating using proc‘s archlinux i586 project. Unfortunately, I don’t have much success to report, or at least not anything I hadn’t seen in the past.

I can install Lowarch in the same way I always have, and I can add the archlinux-i586 repositories. But updates fail because I’m missing groff, which is absent from there right now, and can’t build it because “the compiler cannot create executables.” And I can’t figure out why.

To compound that, I can install the xorg package and it falls into place fine, but won’t configure because of errors with libgcc.so.xx. And then I made the foolish guess that I might need to reboot to gain some ground. Boy, was that a mistake.

In any case, this is vaguely familiar to my previous efforts, which I would rate somewhere around 6 on a scale of 1 to 10 on the success-o-meter. All in all I seem to be turning around in circles without being able to find a solution, like a dog turning around before it can rest.

On the other hand, I did find the gr737-9×16-medieval.psfu console font, which made installing a little more interesting. 😉

I have seen where other people have apparently had better luck, and there are even some who are joining the effort and contributing packages. So it might be that I have once again muddled things to a point of unusability, and their experiences are the norm. If I get any time in the near future I’ll give it another turn and keep an entirely default setup; maybe that will solve a few of these things. I just hope I don’t have to wait another month to try it. 😐


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