The Burial of the Dead

February is the cruellest month, sifting blogs out of the dead land. … Considering how many blogs have disappeared from the list at the right, February was a very cruel month.

Everybody must have gone to sleep or something, because a lot of those pages hadn’t been updated in months. I found some that hadn’t seen any love since December.

Shame on you.

How are you going to win the war against corporate monopolies and perceived obsolesence if you don’t yammer viciously into the Internet once in a while about your favorite free software?

What in the world could you have been doing during the dull, short month of February that kept you from chanting your love for Linux into the keyboard?

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. …

Drama aside, if you have a place you call home and want a link to it, you need only ask. Provided its updated with fair frequency, I’ll keep it in the list.

However, if you grow lazy … chop! chop! chop! 😈


8 thoughts on “The Burial of the Dead

  1. Nepherte

    Damn, just when I was reviving my blog 🙂 Thanks for putting me on your blog for a while though. It’s always a pleasure to read your numerous articles.

  2. devnet

    Got my juices flowing too. But I’ve never been part of your list on the right. My blog just can’t cut the mustard 😛

  3. anjilslaire

    Yeah, I saw mine on the roll briefly, then it was gone, like a vapor on the wind.

    Likely because I had temporarily veered off-topic into games 🙂

  4. Naiki Muliaina

    Ill go on ya blog roll if my site fits please ^^ I was on it before but became innactive for a few months. Posting at least once a week again now ^^

    Ubuntu, XFCE, and linux online games (only stuff with linux clients, no WINE here ^^ ). Its not very technical hehe ^^

    1. K.Mandla Post author

      You’ll have to leave me a link; the one you put in for your home page when you left your comment leads to a sign-up page.

  5. Stopie

    Ill hang on the blog roll if you”ll be so kind.

    Just started her up – mostly about linux and keeping things minimal and occasionally user friendly, but I used the blog header to reserve the right to post whatever. I hope to someday have the depth of content I so enjoy here 😀


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