Still looking for …

A hound, a bay horse and a turtle-dove. Just kidding. Actually, the things that are thus far missing from my otherwise more-and-more usable 100Mhz system, are …

A text editor that can wrap lines without inserting line breaks at the end. That might sound like a weird request, but knowing that nano inserts line breaks at the end of each wrapped line keeps me from using for plog boasts. And that, in turn, makes me hesitant to use Charm, which is otherwise quite capable for updating this site.

Ideally, I would be using Wordgrinder, like I mentioned a while back, but the conversion between the AUR PKGBUILD and my Crux Pkgfile is hampered by slight differences in the ../includes libraries, and I lack enough experience to understand what should go where in the prime mover file. If you have more experience than me, please take a shot at it. If the Arch version works, it seems to me that a Crux version should work too. But it’s not building for me.

I’ve also taken a peek at Joe and Zed, but neither one could wrap without breaking lines, for what I could tell. If you know of a text editor that can wrap lines to the size of the terminal window, but not break those lines, I will be overjoyed. If you say vi, I will collapse in a puddle of tears.

After that, I still am smacking my head trying to set up the ISA sound card on this laptop, with the 2.6.28 series kernel. I understand that there is an ALSA driver for the sound card (supposedly it is SoundBlaster Pro compatible), but I’ve never worked with ISA hardware at the kernel level before, so I don’t know if there’s something I have to do to make it magically work or not.

I can only assume it works as a PCI card would, but for some reason the modules I build don’t detect anything (I get the “no hardware to match this module” message, or whatever it is), or alsaconf can’t ever find the appropriate hardware. If you have any suggestions for me, I am all ears.

Otherwise, I am using this computer almost exclusively, for e-mails, managing day-to-day tasks, browsing and so forth. I’m typing this post in elinks using the backend (blech!), and it seems to be working. No paging, no steam coming out of the PCMCIA port, no cries for mercy coming from the LCD readout.

But that would be funny, wouldn’t it? πŸ™‚


9 thoughts on “Still looking for …

  1. tigrmesh

    You’re going to hate this…

    Emacs with longlines mode will wrap words without adding a hard line break.

    …just a thought…

    1. K.Mandla Post author

      Dr Small and tigrmesh: Thanks, I’ll look into both of those. I’m not too proud to try something new, just too stubborn to admit it might be better than what I use now. πŸ‘Ώ

  2. Cosay Nold

    I just want a simple text editor with good text wrapping. When using Windows at work, I do all my writing in a free text editor called Notepad2.

    Maybe I should just install Wine. Wine can run Portable Firefox, which would relieve me of the need to install GTK, and allow me to run Notepad2.

  3. Andrew

    Vim is definitely good, took me three or four hours to learn some decent commands, works better then any other text editor I’ve tried, including emacs (because the commands are actually easy to remember)

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