Tripartite, and only 750Mhz too

The only other worthy mention at this point in time is that my rtorrent slave has burgeoned into a full-time download client, using both that and Blice’s fttps continually.

And now it takes over the task of in-house ports server, which I relegated from the 100Mhz machine when I realized I wanted more from that computer than just a once-a-day download client.

And since the Thinkpad is on all the time, and since setting it up is terribly easy, and since nfs is already running on it, and since there’s no stress involved in syncing with the Crux ports once a day, the laptop with the busted screen now has three roles:

  1. Download anything and everything torrent based;
  2. Download anything sizeable that I would rather not tie up my wireless network with; and
  3. Serve up fresh ports once a day, for the rest of the household.

Which just goes to show you that just because a computer is deficient in one point, it doesn’t have to be thrown out altogether. 😐


3 thoughts on “Tripartite, and only 750Mhz too

  1. Flyer

    I have 850Mhz Celeron that is tripartite too. It’s not that easy to set up local Arch mirror so it does the routing instead. I will try to use pkgd from Xyne for pkg sharing though.


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