And like that …

Poof, it was gone. I moved too slowly on the Thinkpad at the recycling center yesterday, and when I visited again this morning, it had been sold. I had it in my head this morning that I’d stop in and check once more, give it a look over and then decide if it was a keeper. In the end, somebody decided for me, and in a way I’m glad.

It’s probably just as well. I need to sort out what I’m going to do with the machines I have, before I start taking on new ones. And I would do better to upgrade or improve the ones I have instead of bringing home more wounded soldiers.

So the lesson learned is, “Impulse buy.” Or maybe it’s, “Never pass on a Thinkpad.” On the other hand, the lesson learned could be, “It’s easier to let someone else buy it, than to rationalize the purchase of another computer.” Or, “You can never have too many Thinkpads.” It all depends on your perspective.

Unfortunately, my perspective is a little cluttered. You see, there are all these computers blocking it. … 😉


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