An apology from the management

I need to apologize for a post that appeared here earlier today. I’ve since deleted it, although you could probably find traces of it somewhere if you look hard enough.

I committed a few logistical errors this morning, while I was distracted and getting ready for a real-world commitment. I can’t speak for how other people build their blogs, but I occasionally keep notes and drafts without publishing them, add points from time to time and redraw them before clicking the “publish” button.

This time I tried to splice together the fragments of two other posts, staple it into one, and iron it all out. They were two unrelated ideas and didn’t really mesh together, but at the time I thought it made sense. Ultimately I sent it out into the world without reviewing it properly, and didn’t check this site for a few hours.

And the comments, of course, were akin to “What are you thinking?” And reading through it again, I couldn’t help wondering what I had been thinking too. It wasn’t so much that I had somehow suggested a Thinkpad was a netbook 😳 but that I didn’t see that the points I was making weren’t really congruent.

In the end it was a ridiculous piece of work that I’m rather embarrassed I let slide. It’s gone now, and I promise not to make patchwork posts out of leftovers ever again. And thanks to the two people who left comments, warning me that what I had typed was, for the most part, utter rubbish.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled Internet. 😐


5 thoughts on “An apology from the management

  1. smcquay

    I’ll be honest; I agree with most everything you said in your previous, and current (deleted) post.

    I currently run a website on an old p3 dell headless laptop. yes, it’s headless: it has no screen; literally pulled out of a dumpster. At my own house I have a 10-year-old powerbook g3 running rtorrent et al. all day long.

    However, I’m still excited to get my dell inspiron 1210. small formfactor, battery, wireless, comes with ubuntu … my powerbook’s hardware clock thinks it’s 1938 after i unplug the powercord: not only is the normal battery shot, but the mobo battery is too. And at $430 … almost worth more to me that 4.333333 old laptops. who knows.

  2. K.Mandla Post author

    Well, if I can get my thoughts in order between the two ideas, I’ll see if I can do a better job of explaining them separately.

    Unfortunately I just did a sloppy job putting that post together, and didn’t realize it until hours later. …

  3. Luca

    Heh! I liked it either way, I saw it as more of a ‘why should I get a netbook’ rather than a ‘I already have a netbook’ post. I look forward to the rewrite! 🙂


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