rsync and emelfm2

I mess with emelfm2 a lot, mostly because the two-pane arrangement is far more convenient and intuitive to me than the more common explorer-type interface, even if it has tabs.

And after spotting a blog post a week or so ago that gave a quick and easy intro to rsync, I came up with this as a right click option for emelfm2, that syncs a selected folder to the opposite pane. Pick a folder and right-click down to “Edit filetype.” Then Add an option and use whatever label you like. For the Command, use …

rsync -rtlDvu --progress %d/%f %D

Unless mangles my code, that will sync a selected directory across panes, neat as a pin. Use whatever options you prefer, or just -a instead, for a generic archive copy.

I would like to set emelfm2 up to rsync single files too, but that might be more work than it’s worth, since I don’t see a filetype for “all files” off hand. It doesn’t bother me anyway; I’m usually pushing folders around the network.

rsync is great stuff by the way. I can’t speak to specifics, but I’m fairly confident that rsync moves stuff faster than a straight cp command. And if for some reason your connection drops or there’s a power failure, rsync is generally smart enough to pick up files where it left off, and continue without data problems. As far as I know, cp can’t.

And that can be important, when your wireless router denies traffic to your machine, because the transfer rate is too high. 😳


5 thoughts on “rsync and emelfm2

  1. oddball

    Stick it in “User commands”. I’m guessing:

    rsync -rtlDvu –progress %d/%f %F

    would work. I’ve never used rsync but generally that’ll work in emelfm2 for selected file and selected file in inactive pane. Or possibly:

    rsync -rtlDvu –progress %d/%p %P

    for full paths.

  2. oddball

    Actually it probably should be:

    rsync -rtlDvu –progress %d/%f %P

    for that second one. You could even have the command in the standard actions (copy, rename, delete, etc.). Either way you can give it an icon which must be worth something.

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  4. Zerahl Torfaas

    Functionality is all good and well, but I’m sure as hell not installing the kde base just for an mc clone.

    Unless it does my laundry.


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