Back to BMP

This is just nuts. Audacious will compile for me, but won’t run — I get segmentation faults. Alsaplayer won’t build any more; I think the newer compilers will need some adjustments at the code level from the Alsaplayer team, and I doubt they’re around any more. XMMS is GTK1, which I don’t want right now. RealPlayer is proprietary, so I try not to use it. Consonance won’t stream audio, I don’t think. cplay and friends are console-based, which I also don’t want now.

So for the first time in years I’m using Beep Media Player again.

Which is not bad, of course. It looks just like it’s predecessor and its antecedent, and will play ogg files and mp3 files and stream over the Internet. So it does the job just as well.

Still, it seems like a step way, way backward, to the days of Dapper Drake when I used to use it over any other media player. Boy was that a long time ago.

P.S, note to self: Must try Goggles music manager, just because it’s FOX-based. 😯

5 thoughts on “Back to BMP

  1. Tom Adams

    You got me all excited there, making me think cplay was being actively developed. That link you provided contains three files for download which all end with “exe”, and the description is distinctively not cplay.

    The actual cplay Web site was at until it disappeared some time last year. Although, there seems to be talk on the mailing list ( ) as of October last year about a revival, and an mplayer backend which excites me.

    1. K.Mandla Post author

      Oops! 😳 That was my mistake. I know what I did too: I was moving too fast and grabbed the wrong link. My apologies. 😦


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