There is no uninstall

Seems there’s no way to uninstall a Python application that you’ve installed with python install, short of manually scraping out the files it creates. I spent a short while this morning looking for some sort of python uninstall, but apparently it doesn’t exist.

Until the Python gurus can cue me in, I used this roundabout way to gut a misbehaving Python program from my system. After installing it and finding that it didn’t do what I wanted, I “reinstalled” it again with the same command, plus one flag.

python install --record files.txt

I got a nice clean list of files and their paths, which I could then conveniently “uninstall” with this:

cat files.txt | xargs rm -rf

It seemed to do the trick.


12 thoughts on “There is no uninstall

    1. K.Mandla Post author

      checkinstall would have worked fine … except I wasn’t using Ubuntu. I was playtesting an application in Crux that had no port, although I was considering making one. Unfortunately application didn’t quite work the way I expected, so there was little point in going any further with it. And then I wanted to uninstall it. …

  1. hnhn

    Better check the resulting files.txt before running the removes.
    /usr/share/applications got listed in mine, so I removed a number of other files 😦

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