wbar, for fun and profit

Since I started messing with Tiny Core Linux, I started appreciating wbar — another one of those floating icon punch-button bars that sometimes crop up in other big-name operating systems. Ordinarily I don’t care for those things, since they tend to munch away at desktop real estate, and I rarely need the glitz that they offer. Distractions for less serious computer users, I told myself.

However, seeing how easily and seamlessly Tiny Core handles them made me install them on one machine, a Crux box, and I found the overall effect to be quite enjoyable.

This machine really only has about six programs installed — and you can see their icons on the side of the screen — and so it’s no great task to set up wbar … particularly with the neat-o wbarconf utility, courtesy of AUR. It’s a snap to install too and neither takes up any tangible overhead, so I installed both of those applications on my Arch machine as well.

And while yes, it does make the desktop a little … “Fisher-Pricey” 😯 , I feel no guilt about simplifying my Openbox right-click menu a little by having a quick, single-click desktop icon at my disposal.

Although I do find myself occasionally just dashing the pointer over the bar, to watch the icons leap up. This might fall into the distraction category after all. … 😐

11 thoughts on “wbar, for fun and profit

  1. mads

    Hah, I’m sold too in spite of myself. It’s nice to see some decent eyecandy that doesn’t depend on composite window manager (or xcompmgr for that sake – messes too many things too much up for my taste)

  2. matiit

    I wan’t to use it with openbox but I have added many programs to autostart (eg. firefox) and if swomething what need X starting parallel with wbar there are wbar’s aretacts… black “aureole”… ;/
    I use iDesk instead of it…

  3. Mark76

    What’s wrong with a panel and some quicklaunch icons?

    With Rox it’s as easy as navigating to /usr/share/applications and then just dragging the ones you want to the panel πŸ˜‰

  4. giggens

    Wbar seems a little superfluous to me, especially with Openbox’s root menu.

    And I like that Paris wallpaper. Any chance of a link, please?

  5. rpj8

    I put wbar on my mother’s slug-like computer just for kicks. I wasn’t too pleased with some things, such as the action when you click an icon. If the icons are meant to hop when you click them, they didn’t for me. This made it hard to tell if the icon was actually clicked or not. Also this program needs a little more cooking for it to be truly useful (to me); once this baby can auto-hide and raise with proximity of the mouse to the edge of the screen, I’m all in.

    Other than that, it’s a really nice replacement for desktop icons. It’s definitely an eye-candy app, though :).

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