Teachers wanted

I noticed this the other day, when digging through the Tips and Tutorials area of the Ubuntu Forums.

The Beginners Team Education Focus Group is looking for ‘instructors’ to offer ‘courses’ to Ubuntu users. These courses could be forum or wiki based only, irc only or use a combination of the two formats. …

I would love to invite everyone who has gotten a thread approved here to schedule question and answer sessions for people looking for help on the topics you have covered.

Hypothetical topics:

  • How to install wirless drivers via a wrapper
  • How to install a proprietary video driver
  • How to configure UFW
  • How to add additional repositories

The goal would be to give more information about the general process than is typically found in forum posts.

There’s a wiki page on the idea too, if you want more information.

Personally I think it sounds like a cool idea, if it turns out to be a kind of an online lesson. I can think of plenty of people qualified to “teach” on some of those topics.

Click through and volunteer, if you have the inclination.


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