A really bad idea

I have to confess to making a rather bad mistake this afternoon, and it’s a little embarrassing.

I swapped the hard drive in my rtorrent slave, taking out a rather noisy 20Gb drive and replacing it with the 40Gb 5400rpm Samsung drive that has, until recently, been the guinea pig for my ancient 100Mhz laptop. I intended to reinstall Arch on the system, then flip-flopped and started to install Crux, and then finally just grabbed the Ubuntu 8.10 disc and spun it up.

And since the lower half of the screen is obscured, I went ahead and installed the full system without switching to a command-line install. I couldn’t see the options to pick, so I just hit return to get the thing started. And so I began a three-hour installation of Ubuntu Gnome.

On a 750Mhz machine.

With only 128Mb.

So anyway, you can see where this is going. When I finally booted into the fresh system I realized in full how awful a mistake I had made. It can’t even show the Applications menu without paging out to swap, caching all the menu icons. Just downloading and installing updates to Intrepid was taking something like an hour.

So anyway, I’m back to installing something a little more sane for that machine. Reminder to self: Think. It doesn’t take much effort, and I save myself hours in the process. 😯

5 thoughts on “A really bad idea

  1. Adrian

    How do you select the command-line-install option for the Ubuntu 8.10 disk?
    Because I want to do a -very- simple install but I can’t seem to find the right distro for it. (I’ve tried Arch and I succeeded but that was 2 years ago and right now, I need something that can be set up in 2 hours due to lack of time..)

  2. K.Mandla Post author

    You keep the “Install Ubuntu” option highlighted and then press F4 (or maybe F5 — whichever one is “Options”) and pick command-line installation.

    It only works from the alternate installation disc, not the desktop ISO. Unless that has changed recently. 😉

  3. Mads

    Or use the server download of ubuntu.. That has a CLI install option at boottime, so you can get down and dirty in a very short time.


  4. Xeeew

    haha. this made my day. I always have to explain to people why I don’t have “real ubuntu” installed on my laptop.

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