Dang, I wish I wrote that

Every now and again somebody else writes something nice and clear and succinct and well-thought-out, and I kick myself for not getting there first.

From Mr. Picklesworth’s essay

Sometimes, even normal people are just curious about the other options. …

People are allowed to be interested in more than one platform. People should be interested in more than one thing. …

If someone is posting here, in Ubuntu Forums, wondering about Ubuntu (or free software), that person is obviously interested and probably has an open mind. Tell the truth as you (probably) know it. At the very least, consider why you are here. Why do you consider this a good operating system to use? …

Free software in general is not the exact goal here, but welcoming someone’s first post in the Ubuntu forums with “don’t bother” is not going to leave a good taste in their mouths for any of this stuff.

Try to welcome people, and don’t spread doubts. That is Microsoft’s job, not ours. …

Those lines are taken somewhat out of context, but the points are well presented. Long-ish, but worth the time it takes to read.


One thought on “Dang, I wish I wrote that

  1. johnraff

    My first question on the forums – about the difference between window managers and desktop environments I think – got a very quick and helpful answer.

    Welcoming and encouraging. đŸ™‚


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