And you thought you were having a bad day

So I thought I’d bounce on over to the Gentoo wiki to double-check some numbers for my Crux system there, and instead I’m greeted by (yet) another 404 linked to this page.

Good grief. 😯

The good news is, that wiki was a fantastic resource, and it sounds like some of it might be recoverable. I’m sure there could be some cross-distro-wiki migration too, since most of what the Gentooers had collected made its way into other wikis. Of course it’s not the Library of Alexandria, but it’s sad that so much information was “lost.”

Anyway, I do feel truly sorry for the Gentoo wiki whipping boys after reading that soap opera. But still, the moral of the story is … back up your data. Or your wiki.


3 thoughts on “And you thought you were having a bad day

  1. Freduardo

    Guess who picked the wrong time to install Gentoo for the first time last weekend.
    Fortunately, Google’s cache helped me out quite a bit. (Plus: it really isn’t difficult either)

    I see gentoo-portage is back up again, and of course there’s Nick’s great initiative now as well.


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