Gather round, gather round

The biannual discussion of stable releases for Arch Linux has begun again.

Yup, every now and again, Arch users come together from all over the planet to have a little love-fest and decide whether everybody’s favorite speed-freak-centric rolling-release distro should have stable snapshots.

There’s a lot of foofoorah, a lot of chest-pounding, some people threaten to leave Arch, some people threaten to fork Arch, some people offer to help do it, and then a major holiday appears and the whole thing evaporates. At least, that’s what usually happens.

Oh wait, you mean that was a zombie thread? A necromancing poster? Argh! 😐

Oh well, at least the timing is right. Halloween is right around the corner.


3 thoughts on “Gather round, gather round

  1. Guitar John

    That does it. I’m leaving Arch…

    …oh, wait!! That’s why I use Ubuntu.

    Seriously, I agree with one of the Arch posters. If you want a 6 month stable release cycle, there are already other distros out there that do that.

    My $0.02 YMMV,

  2. ikaruga

    I think I’d stick with arch either way. As long as it remains uber-customizable — use it to build a system as you see fit (not the one-size-fit-all model of Ubuntu) — I’m a happy camper.

    Occasionally, I’ll install a new package only to find that stuff breaks and then having to upgrade the entire system — that’s the drawback of the rolling release system, I suppose.


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