Openbox, the one-way window manager

This thread mostly speaks for itself — Has anyone ever been able to leave Openbox for good?

I can concur with the poster’s thoughts. No matter what window manager I use, I always end up rearranging it to make it closer to my Openbox setups. XFCE? Needs to be less pudgy around the corners, and needs an easier right-click menu. IceWM? Looks better without the taskbar, and IceWM-lite is just about right. Fluxbox? Too … Fluxboxy.

And really, how do you resist screenshots like these?

On the other hand, there are a few people who claim to have left OB for tiling window managers. I don’t think I’ll ever be one of them, but it’s hard to be sure some times. The screenshot arena sometimes tempts me. … 😐


16 thoughts on “Openbox, the one-way window manager

  1. devnet

    I agree 😀


    Hope bbcode works 😐

  2. jonathantan86

    Couldn’t resist commenting. 🙂

    I switched from Openbox to IceWM mainly because I can use Win+Space to bring up a launch dialog box which comes up almost instantaniously or instantaniously (on Openbox I have to bind it to gmrun which takes about a second to load). The Thinblack theme (the old one, not the new one) looks quite good on IceWM.

    Also, IceWM has bindings that allow you to position a window at any screen corner, side, or the centre (Win+Numpad 1-9). Not sure if Openbox can do that.

  3. Justin

    heh, I went from xfce to openbox to evilwm to xmonad. heh, BUT, openbox is great because you can use it to guide people away from a DE without losing any functionality.

  4. shearn89

    I’m one of those that left OB for a twm – in this case Awesome! I love the tabs, and the way i can control where windows appear really easily. Plus, i do a lot of cli stuff, rarely using a gui for anything nowadays… A tiling window manager is the easiest way to control 3 or more terminal windows at once!

  5. maximegb

    I like openbox, but i like icewm better. I found its taskbar really useful.
    Icewm can look good too see my last theme and i’m currently working on patch to remove bevel in the taskbar.

  6. king.pest

    I always had a similar problem with switching from fluxbox to openbox. Why leave fluxbox if it works well? The screenshots are nice, though:)

  7. aaron.brown

    I actually started using Openbox because of your blog! As for the actual question, no, I haven’t been able to switch. I’ve tried others. Many are very nice, but I always go back to Openbox.


  8. James


    I can’t *stand* how Openbox won’t respect panels/taskbars.
    (Try it yourself! Launch a 3rd party taskbar and position it at the top of the screen. Unlike IceWM, XFCE4, and Gnome, Openbox doen’t prevent you from accedentally dragging a window’s title frame under it. Quite annoying to have to constantly have to alt-drag the window out.) I open a ton of windows, and alt-tab just isn’t enough (though skippy was a step in the right direction).

    I went from Openbox to IceWM. As I upgraded from one machine to another, I went to XFCE4, and now Gnome with Compiz-Fusion.

    I dunno. I just got tired of poking at config files and tweaking things. It’s not that I can’t, I just have better things to do with my time. Convenience and integration are large motivators.

  9. Dr Small

    I’m an openbox user addict myself, and switched from IceWM several months ago. I used to love IceWM because I could make it look like XP, Vista, Windows 2000, and all sorts of stuff. Eventually, that got old, and I settled with Openbox. I use Pypanel with it too, a great combination.

    I’ve tried wmii since then, and just can’t leave my perfect openbox setup. Sooo perfect. But I can’t get Openbox to work on Ubuntu (on the laptop) because the system freezes (literally freezes). I wish I could, though.

  10. ScriptDevil

    I used openbox. I switched to evilwm. Then came wmii. Finally I am married to xmonad!

  11. magerlab

    i like openbox very much
    use it even without any panel( or sometimes with tint with undecorated windows)

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