Looks like we have a winner

Well, it took me, a hopeless clod of a coder, almost a full day to prune down the inxtaller script to the important parts, adjust it to what I wanted, and get it working in a full circuit with the Ubuntu GTK1.2 Remix. So now, at last, finally, and for real, there’s an installer script on the ISO that will (fingers crossed) install the system to a hard drive without going berzerk.

I even managed to more or less overcome the two main issues I had — one by luck and the other by sheer genius (super-genius! :roll: ). The system no longer claims to be INX, and neither does Grub, which is important, and I’m not getting video misconfiguration errors this time. The other was to arrange the /etc/hosts file so it didn’t spit out errors every time you used sudo. You can take a look at the script if you want to see how I arranged it. It ended up being a simple maneuver with sed, which is kind of fun to use.

So there you have it. I’m in the process of uploading a new ISO (slooowly), and with that one it should be ignorable for a few years.

A couple of ideas …

  • If you want to install this on something old that doesn’t have video muscle, think about killing X as soon as it appears, and switching to the console for the installation. The install.sh script does not rely on the graphical environment whatsoever, so it can run strictly from a tty. That will make your installation a little less cumbersome.
  • The Dillo version on the ISO is Dillo “1”, and has antialiasing stripped out. That’s fine, but if your machine can handle a GTK1.2 version of Firefox 2, I strongly recommend that over Dillo.
  • Feel free to tweak or modify the resulting system. It will need its directories optimized, and the boot profiled. In addition, the ISO creation system requires a few packages that a standing desktop doesn’t; run sudo debfoster -n after you install, to rip out the last of the junk that stowed away in the process. There isn’t much, but if you’re a nitpicker like me, you’ll want it out of the way.

As far as an alternate installation version … ah. … Well, let’s save that for a rainy day. To be honest, I’ve installed and reinstalled and built and rebuilt this system so many times now, I am sick of looking at it. :lol:

Be that as it may, let me know if you find any bugs. I’m sure there are plenty, and believe it or not I’m keen on fixing them.

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