Chimera 1.72 on Ubuntu 8.04

This one turned out to be easier than I thought.


Of course, the reason it was easy is because dav7‘s instructions were fairly clear cut. The only real trick is hardwiring ./src/Makefile to point at the right directory, and after that it’s smooth sailing.

I needed the xorg-dev, imake and build-essential packages to finish it, and I put together a makeshift .deb file with checkinstall, and it seems to work. If you want to try it out, I put a copy here, along with some of the other curiosities I’ve been collecting lately.

Drop me a note and tell me if it works for you. Pages with PNG graphics are going to hang the browser, and of course it lacks any real protocols that postdate 1993 or so, but you might find it useful for some simple browsing, or for use on a machine with no graphical muscle at all. It’s a little clumsy at times and even just changing URLs is a bit of a pain, but what can you say? It works.

I guess I should say, if it doesn’t, let me know. 🙄


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