Good news, bad news

I rebuilt that silly little GTK1.2 Remix last night, this time using everything included in a command-line installation, plus the live environment I wanted, plus the necessary files for the ubiquity installer … and the installer still goes haywire. So as best I can tell, this is something that doesn’t quite work with ubiquity, and will probably require it to be part of the live disc, instead of downloaded manually.

I’m not too keen on that point, because the idea here is to have a GTK1.2-only environment for machines that can’t comfortably handle GTK2. I might be able to include the installer and all its dependencies in the list of software to omit … I’ll have to see how that works. If it works at all, of course.

In the mean time, I added Beaver to the ISO, and I’m going to throw in a few X-based applications that don’t have better counterparts in the GTK1.2 range — that’ll be mostly utilities or smaller, less interesting programs, like I mentioned here. And I’ll screen through the existing list of core packages I purged out, so there’s a little more leeway with hardware. Things like wireless and PCMCIA stuff should be okay for the next version.

My only regret is that I don’t have two or three days to work on this alone. I’m bogged down with extracurricular commitments today, and my week starts again tomorrow. So by Sunday JST I should have a larger bracket of time to work with it. It seems like a long time to wait. 👿


3 thoughts on “Good news, bad news

  1. andrewsomething

    One idea you might want to think about is building a meta-package and hosting it in a PPA on Laucnhpad. While doing all of your specific configuration changes would be hard, just making one that installs a functioning minimal GTK1.2 environment over an Ubuntu command line install wouldn’t be hard at all…

  2. K.Mandla Post author

    zmjjmz: You’re right, and I know it. I should probably investigate other ways of installing from the live environment. But I think the suggestion to use and alternate install is still best. So I don’t know how much time I’m going to burn chasing ubiquity’s bad behavior. But my curiosity is piqued. …

    andrewsomething: I’ve thought about that, but for some people that almost seems more difficult. Ubuntulite was going in that direction for a long time, but people wanted an installation CD. So to be honest, I was inclined to follow suit. And since it was really a way for me to make a clean installation of a system I prefer, I thought this to be a better route.


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