Short update

Thanks to everybody who gave a little feedback over the Ubuntu GTK1.2 Remix. Right now the big issue seems to be that the ubiquity installer, when run from the live environment, goes bananas after the partition selection stage. Keyboard becomes useless, random characters are displayed in the text boxes — it’s like a C64 with the joystick plugged in to port #2 when turned on.

Okay, I imagine that was really helpful. 🙄

Of course, I haven’t a clue why it’s doing that, although I suspect something I yanked from the core packages might have given it the nervous breakdown. I tried installing ubiquity and its dependencies along with the remains of ubuntu-minimal and ubuntu-standard, but it still doesn’t behave normally.

I might need to start over from scratch with this, and focus on that problem first. Of course, as some people have mentioned, an alternate installation CD would really be of more use, since the machines that this is intended for can’t really do much with a live CD anyhow.

If you know of any tutorials or threads for remastering the alternate installation CD, not the desktop CD, I’d appreciate hearing about them. I’m going to go on a hunt for these things now, and see what I can conjure up.


2 thoughts on “Short update

  1. I.E. Gubkin

    Great work on your first edition of the ubuntu gtk1.2 remix, K.Mandla. Please keep up the good work. I’m sure you probably found these links already but just in case you missed them:

    -Remastering an “Ubuntu alternate” ISO with Ubuntu Customization Kit – the complete guide

    -Ubuntu Customization Kit


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