Ugly confession

I hate to admit this, but it seems like the proper time.

I regularly assign a new root password in my Ubuntu systems, and then switch into the root account with su. 😯

Yeah, I know, it’s sacrilege. The problem is that I have become used to using su with Arch and Crux, and I regularly skip sudo on those systems. Which of course, kicks out an error. Or I make the opposite mistake — and type sudo in my Crux laptop, which may or may not cause an error, depending on whether or not I have it installed.

Anyway, this is not a rationalization. It’s just a confession. I do it because it saves me the split-second aggravation when I accidentally forget sudo, and the extra split-second of typing sudo !!.

Oh, the shame. 😳


5 thoughts on “Ugly confession


    >Why don’t you alias ’su’ as ’sudo su’ in Ubuntu?
    sudo and su and used differently, I think that is why he doesnt do that.

  2. devnet

    The thing that gets me is that other users go into other distributions after trying ubuntu and complain “sudo isn’t there!” and they don’t understand that you don’t need sudo to grant permissions (kdesu works fine…etc.)

    I hate that all distros are being rationalized in Ubuntu’s image…I think it can only do the wrong thing for Linux in general.

  3. colonelcrayon

    Quite frankly, I think that “su” is more secure – especially with that horrid non-zero timeout used by default in Ubuntu.


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