You know you’ve hit the big time when

You get linkbacks from Wikipedia. That ever-popular rtorrent introduction that I wrote almost a year and half ago still gets more than 200-some-odd views a day, with a sliver of them coming from the Wikipedia page for rtorrent.

Well, you won’t hear me complaining. I’m flattered that someone would link to that at all, let alone add it to Wikipedia.

And no, it’s not the first time something from this blog was added to Wikipedia. But I’m not telling you what the other thing was. 😈

4 thoughts on “You know you’ve hit the big time when

  1. todd

    I forget how I got to your page about rtorrent, but I’m so glad I found it. I was never really happy with any of the gui bittorrent options for linux. I love rtorrent with screen, the only thing I don’t have an extra pc for running it headless. But it’s nice to be able to check on things remotely now.

  2. oren

    I started to use text-based/lean apps thanks to your blog:

    ubuntu alternate (command-line install),
    irssi (for irc and messenger)

  3. mark

    Another regular reader here who stumbled in many months ago while searching for rtorrent information. You wrote a great article and I still use screen+rtorrent for any torrenting I do.

    Keep it up! Thanks!


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