Lamont, I’m having the big one

Imagine my complete and utter surprise after accidentally clicking on the Dillo home page link, and seeing this:

After a very slow 2006, and a project stop in year 2007, the new 2008 came with a renewed work force that kept working steadily behind the scenes. The fruits of this effort are a new and stable dillo based on FLTK2 (aka dillo2), that has more features, bug fixes, goodies and half the memory footprint of the GTK1-based dillo!

This new branch of dillo is scheduled for release in late September or early October 2008.

Oh, I think I may be having a heart attack. Dillo2? Egads, I’ve been looking at the same Dillo version since I started using Linux. A new version might signal the apocalypse. Sell your dual core, it’s the end of the world. A new Dillo is in the works. 😯

It’s really a great thing to think that there might be a revision though. I love Dillo for its speed but there are enough quirks and anomalies to keep me from using it 24-7.

Now if only someone would pick up ObMenu and smooth it out for the newest versions of Openbox … hint-hint-hint. πŸ™„


3 thoughts on “Lamont, I’m having the big one

  1. johnraff

    Dillo’s great for a quick look through a huge folder of html documents, or a simple google search. The main reason its page rendering can be a bit weird on fancier pages is, I think, its lack of support for style sheets. If they added that, I wonder if it might slow it down- css probably gives the browser quite a lot more work to do than simple html.
    Currently, I’m using this patched version:
    which fixes a lot of issues already, like multibyte support, ssl support (no more crashes when visiting the Ubuntu wiki πŸ™‚ ),…

    Looking forward to Dillo2!

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