Spending time in KDE

Edit: Unfortunately, the images originally included in this post are gone, because of hosting problems in late 2009. My apologies.

I’ve been spending a lot of time in KDE lately, as you might have noticed from the screenshot on the right.

Between andLinux and a fresh installation off the PCLinuxOS disk, it seems to be a more frequent inhabitant of my Inspiron than Openbox. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, I’ve been wanting to try the latest KDEmod, which I believe has the option to use KDE 4.1. 😯

Furthermore, at some point I’m going to install gOS 2.0 (or maybe 3.0, but I understand that one is Gnome-based. … Blech), so I can wrangle with Skype for a little while. I’ve never used Skype so I’m curious what the hubbub is about.

No, I am not going over the edge. I’m just enjoying taking a little side route, since I have the opportunity and I had downloaded the ISOs. And all these little detours make me appreciate my own systems a little more. KDE is fun and a heckuva lot better than Gnome, but I long for a system that doesn’t take a full minute to get started, and something that has a great gob of space at my disposal. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, supposedly.

By the way, PCLinuxOS was a very pleasant experience, for the two short days I had it installed. Everything worked as it should and for a KDE-based distro, it did a good job rounding out all the corners. I had some weird font issues I ascribe to my particular hardware, and some color banding effects that I ascribe to the nv video driver (I never installed the proprietary one), but aside from that it was a nice visit. It was not, for me anyway, the “distro-hopper stopper” though. 😀

One suggestion if you decide to try it: I downloaded the 2007 KDE installation disc, and I don’t know if there’s a way to install from a fresher set of packages. I ended up upgrading the entire system, which meant another 700Mb in downloads before the system was “up to date.” Not a dealbreaker by any means, and it updated itself in a fraction of the time Fedora 9 wanted. But still, for anyone on restricted bandwidth, it might be important to know that.

Next stop is an attempt to break some speed records with Ubuntu, and strictly GTK1.2 applications.


7 thoughts on “Spending time in KDE

  1. TL

    You may prefer the ‘MiniMe 2008’ variant of PCLinuxOS, it loads a minimal set of software (and a more recent set of packages), and then you can add the software you want. Another option for Openbox lovers is TinyMe which is a stripped down PCLinuxOS with Openbox and a few of the smaller programs. It’s rumored there’s a PCLinuxOS update in the wings real soon …

  2. nadster

    I don’t know if it could make this list of “distro-hopping” goodness, I just recently got Antix 7.5 (released August 21 2008) running on a 10+ year old machine, it’s blown me away at how well hardware was detected and how well things work out of the box.

    Anyways just an FYI, love to hear your opinion sometime.

  3. iadude

    I’ll second the minime 2008- great! Takes some time but you get it your way- not with a bunch of stuff you will never use.

    Skype? You have never used it? What rock are you living under. I have used it since first released. Make free calls to friend in Ukraine. I also purchased skype out time and called back to USA from Ukraine for 2 cents per minute. Sound quality is better than my gsm phone.

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