Begone, foul dwimmerlaik! … Leave the dead in peace

After four months of relative inactivity it has become clear that there was little or no intention on the part of the owner of the previously mentioned wounded Pentium 4 machine, to acquire the parts necessary for the successful rehabilitation of said machine.

For that reason, and for lack of a viable role for yet another semi-working laptop (albeit the fastest on the premises), the aforementioned machine has been repatriated without prejudice, and with the consent and goodwill of both the owner and the host. Both parties acknowledge the continuing offer to repair or consult over the condition of the laptop, if the owner supplies the materials necessary to effect a repair.

The machine is returned to the owner with a standing installation of Ubuntu Linux 8.04.1, modified slightly with the proprietary drivers necessary for proper video acceleration on a the stock Nvidia Geforce4 420 Go video card, and proper networking connections. The machine has been prepped for a potential repair, e.g., the bezel is returned detached with screws and mounting pads secured in the laptop carrying case, and the inverter exposed for easy access.

The host takes no responsibility for the condition of the machine beyond a superficial cleaning and a proper coiling of the included power cables. Battery power will likely have fallen below a functional level, but will return to normal upon connection to a compatible power source. All manuals, CDs, pamphlets and other paraphernalia were returned in the same state as delivered.

Acta est fabula, plaudite.


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